Q: Why is it called Enterprise Systems Engineering and not just systems engineering?

A: Our Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering degree programs focus on the business side of engineering. We wanted that focus reflected in our name.

Q: How do I process a Late Registration Form?

A: The form may be obtained in 107 TB or at http://www.grad.illinois.edu/sites/default/files/pdfs/late_crs_change.pdf. This form is required to add or drop a course after the 10th day of instruction. Signatures are required to add a course. To drop a course, signatures are only required after the deadline.

  1. Complete the top section of the form.
  2. Under Action, indicate what you want to do, complete the remaining course information.
  3. Obtain approval from the instructor (if adding or changing credit)
  4. Obtain approval from the department offering the course (if adding or changing credit)
  5. Obtain approval from the Authorized Departmental Signatory (107 TB if an ISE student)
  6. If you are an ISE grad, the Graduate Programs Office will scan and email the form to the Graduate College.

Q: How do I change the credit hours when I enroll through UI Integrate Self-Service?

A: If it is not past the 10th day of instruction, you may change the credit hours of variable credit courses by logging into your account, clicking on the credit hours for the course (hyperlink), and changing the hours.

Q: How do I count a course in another department toward my 590 requirements?

A: The Seminar Substitution Form is available online. The seminar will be entered as a substitution in Compass 2G.

Q: How can I find the number of seminars I have attended?

A: Log in to Compass 2G.

Q: Where can I find other seminars offered?

A: http://illinois.edu/calendar/list/2568

Q: How do I obtain access the labs and building after hours?

A: See staff in 117 Transportation Building to obtain keys. Adviser approval is required.

Q: When does the Transportation Building close?

A: The Transportation Building is open 7:00 am – 11:00 pm except during breaks and holidays. After 5:00 pm, only the front entrance is unlocked (Mathews Ave.)