IE 599 - Thesis Research

Semesters Offered

Thesis ResearchIE599AAP19822IND -    Andreas A Polycarpou
Thesis ResearchIE599AC19963IND -    Alexandra Chronopoulou
Thesis ResearchIE599ACK19925IND -    Alex Kirlik
Thesis ResearchIE599AEA19842IND -    Ali E Abbas
Thesis ResearchIE599AFV20022IND -    Alexander F Vakakis
Thesis ResearchIE599AN19852IND -    Angelia Nedich
Thesis ResearchIE599AVO19908IND -    Alexander Olshevsky
Thesis ResearchIE599AWJ19912IND -    Amy Jaye Wagoner Johnson
Thesis ResearchIE599CB20024IND -    Carolyn L Beck
Thesis ResearchIE599CDW20019IND -    Christopher D Wickens
Thesis ResearchIE599DAT19979IND -    Daniel A Tortorelli
Thesis ResearchIE599DCK19857IND -    Dimitrios C Kyritsis
Thesis ResearchIE599DD19849IND -    Debasish Dutta
Thesis ResearchIE599DGM19859IND -    Daniel G Morrow
Thesis ResearchIE599DLT20006IND -    Deborah L Thurston
Thesis ResearchIE599DS19898IND -    Dusan M Stipanovic
Thesis ResearchIE599EHW19834IND -    Elizabeth T Hsiao-Wecksler
Thesis ResearchIE599EZ19896IND -    Enlu Zhou
Thesis ResearchIE599GK19861IND -    Girish Krishnan
Thesis ResearchIE599HE19906IND -    Niao He
Thesis ResearchIE599HMK19832IND -    Harrison Hyung Min Kim
Thesis ResearchIE599HR19939IND -    Henrique M Reis
Thesis ResearchIE599HS19959IND -    Huseyin Sehitoglu
Thesis ResearchIE599JG19812IND -    Jugal Garg
Thesis ResearchIE599JMD19958IND -    James Mario Davis
Thesis ResearchIE599JS19890IND -    Jackie Shen
Thesis ResearchIE599JSP19836IND -    Jong-Shi Pang
Thesis ResearchIE599JTA19902IND -    James Allison
Thesis ResearchIE599LF19863IND -    Liming Feng
Thesis ResearchIE599LM19916IND -    Lavanya Marla
Thesis ResearchIE599MFY20015IND -    Min-Feng Yu
Thesis ResearchIE599MLP19997IND -    Michael L Philpott
Thesis ResearchIE599NCP19899IND -    Nicholas C Petruzzi
Thesis ResearchIE599NH19965IND -    Naira Hovakimyan
Thesis ResearchIE599NK19894IND -    Negar Kiyavash
Thesis ResearchIE599NVS19944IND -    Nikolaos V Sahinidis
Thesis ResearchIE599PGV19807IND -    Petros G Voulgaris
Thesis ResearchIE599PMF19947IND -    Placid Mathew Ferreira
Thesis ResearchIE599QW59871IND -    Qiong Wang
Thesis ResearchIE599RBS19993IND -    Richard B Sowers
Thesis ResearchIE599RLW19892IND -    Richard L Weaver
Thesis ResearchIE599RN19954IND -    Rakesh Nagi
Thesis ResearchIE599RS19935IND -    Ramavarapu S Sreenivas
Thesis ResearchIE599SGK19990IND -    Shiv Gopal Kapoor
Thesis ResearchIE599SHJ19846IND -    Sheldon Howard Jacobson
Thesis ResearchIE599SO20031IND -    Sewoong Oh
Thesis ResearchIE599SPV20017IND -    Surya Pratap Vanka
Thesis ResearchIE599TLV19839IND -    Terry L Von Thaden
Thesis ResearchIE599US19867IND -    Vinayak V Shanbhag
Thesis ResearchIE599USP19828IND -    Udatta S Palekar
Thesis ResearchIE599XC19950IND -    Xin Chen

Official Description

Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.

Course Description

Thesis research is required for all students pursing the MS (thesis) or the PhD. Each professor has their own section for the course; obtain CRN from the Graduate Programs Office. Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated to a maximum of 16 hours for credit toward the Master's or Ph.D. degree.

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