Alumni Involvement

Advisory Board

The mission of the Board is to advise the Department Head and staff relative to the curriculum, senior capstone design projects, research initiatives, and any other topics the Department can use the Boards’ expertise and experience on to strengthen the Department’s presence on campus and beyond. The ISE Alumni and Industry Board meets twice a year and has multiple committees to address various issues impacting the Department.

Anyone interested in serving on the Alumni and Industry Advisory Board is welcome to submit her/his name for consideration to lynnellatillinois [dot] edu

Scholarship/Development Committee

Researches and compiles information regarding a scholarship offered by the Board.
Once established, works with the Department to award the funds and monitors fund account.

Senior Design Curriculum Committee

Works with the Senior Design Program to expand the senior design model to include additional systems design projects.
Examples include environmental pollution, transportation and energy.

Merger and Ranking Committee

Guides the Board through the development of the ISE Advisory Board.
Provides advice and suggestions as the Department formulates and initiates its plan to increase national ranking.

Senior Design Lab Renovation Committee

Advises the Department and University on renovation project.
Designs a fund raising program needed to supplement the projected cost.

Alumni Relations, Board Membership & Nominating Committee

Nominates new Board members prior to the spring meeting.
Maintains information on current Board membership list.

Faculty and Student Relations Committee

Promotes interaction with alumni, students, faculty and corporate representatives.

By-Law Committee

Maintains written records of the Board and updates by-laws as necessary.